Zambian Universities & Higher Education


Zambian universities and its higher education system aim to raise the bar on access to better services, including higher education. Furthermore, Zambian government aims to increase the pace of decentralisation of decision-making and the implementation of sound legal framework within higher education in order to achieve sustainable growth and human development.


Zambian Universities Outlook

In Zambia, there are three universities and several technical schools that provide higher education. The Ministry of Science Technology and Vocational Training (MSTVT) in Zambia was developed in 1992 to foster growth in technological fields concerning Zambian universities. There are also several teacher training colleges offering two-year training programmes, while missionary hospitals around the country offer internationally acceptable training for nurses. Several Christian schools offer seminary-level training.

University of Zambia

Zambian_universitiesThe University of Zambia is Zambia’s largest university, founded in 1966. It has a student population of about 24,834. The University of Zambia has over 157 degree and postgraduate degree programmes. The University of Zambia is divided into the following faculties: School of Agricultural Sciences School of Engineering; School of Education; School of Humanities and Social Sciences; School of Law; School of Mines; School of Medicine; School of Natural Sciences; School of Veterinary Medicine.


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Copperbelt University

Zambian_universitiesCopperbelt University is a university in Kitwe, Zambia and takes pride in serving as a place for high-quality education and training, enabling graduates to act efficiently and effectively in a broad range of civic and professional functions and activities. The following schools comprise the university: School of Engineering; School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences; School of Natural Resources; School of Business; School of Built Environment; Centre for Lifelong Education (CLLE); School of Medicine; School of Mines and Mineral Sciences; Dag Hammarskjold Chair for Peace, Human Rights and Conflict Management.


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Mulungushi University

Zambian_universitiesMulungushi University (MU) comprises two campuses; the Great North Road Campus located 26 kilometers North of Kabwe, on the banks of Mulungushi River and the Kabwe Town Campus located along Mubanga Road, off Munkoyo Street in the heart of Kabwe town. Established on 1st January 2008, Mulungushi University is a multi-level curriculum university offering a wide range of degrees, diploma and certificate programmes in its nine academic faculties.


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Nkrumah University

Zambian_universitiesNkrumah University was established in March 1967. The Nkrumah University is divided into the following departments: Department of Natural Sciences; Department of Business Studies; Department of Education; Department of Mathematics and Statistics; Department of Social Sciences; Department of Languages.


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Mukuba University

Zambian_universitiesMukuba University Education curriculum grew out of our conviction that, in education as in business, leadership belongs to those who reject the comfort of the status quo. Therefore, the curriculum is one that encourages freedom of choice and experimentation. Mukuba University boasts excellence in instruction and provision of undergraduate degree in Mathematics, Science and Practical subjects to enhance the quality of education in the nation.


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Zambia Catholic University

Zambian_universitiesZambia Catholic University is located in President Avenue, Zambia and opened in April 2008. As of 2011, degrees could be earned in education, development studies, business administration, economics, banking and finance, accountancy and business information technology. The Zambia Catholic University is an institution of academic excellence, integrity and service subject to the norms of Codex luris Canonici and ExCorde Ecclessiae.

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Zambian Open University

Zambian_universitiesZambian Open University is a private university, founded in 2002. It is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. The Zambian Open University strives to be an internationally recognized Open University providing quality education through distance learning. The university serves as a leading higher education provider using creative and innovative learning methodologies aimed at reaching diverse constituencies for promoting social and economic development.


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Cavendish University Zambia

Zambian_universitiesCavendish University Zambia is a private university located in Lusaka. The University aspires to attract the most talented faculty, staff, and students; to provide an environment where they can discover and fulfill their potential; and thereby realizing its promise, which is to become the distinguished private University in the country and beyond. The following faculties include: Faculty of Business Finance and Management; Faculty of Arts Education and Social Sciences; Faculty of Law; Faculty of Medicine.


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Rusangu University

Zambian_universitiesRusangu University, formerly known as Zambia Adventist University, is a private coeducational Christian university based in Rusangu Mission in Zambia. It is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Rusangu University is composed of the following schools: School of Business; School of Education; School of Humanities and School Sciences; School of Science and Technology; School of Theology and Religious Studies.


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Northrise University

Zambian_universitiesNorthrise University’s goal is to educate Zambia’s future leaders to help an impoverished country evolve into a self-sufficient nation. At the cornerstone of a Northrise education rests the notion that graduates remain in their country to go on to influence the lives of other Zambians. Northrise University has local and international students who receive training in academic disciplines at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Northrise is the first University in Zambia to offer online programs.


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University of Lusaka

Zambian_universitiesThe University of Lusaka (UNILUS) is a modern private university and commenced its operations in 2007.  Today, the total number of UNILUS students has risen to over 3,000 from 71 students in 2007 when the University opened. The University has grown from strength to strength and now has a large number of Master’s students with over 35 PhD students from various parts of the region.


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