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Togo Universities Outlook

Tertiary education institutions are centered in the Capital City of Lomé. These include colleges of administration, architecture and urban planning. Tertiary education in Togo remains the property of the children of the rich, the famous and the influential, and is sadly yet of little benefit to people living in rural areas, where progress stands still.

University of Lomé

 Rwanda universitiesThe University of Lomé is the largest university in Togo and is specifically located in the city of Lomé. The University of Lomé initially had 5 schools today has a total of 15 faculties: Faculty of Arts and Humanities ; Faculty of Law; Faculty of Science (FDS ); Faculty of Economics and Management; Faculty of Health Science;  Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy; The School of Humanities; the Higher School of Administration and Legal Careers; the Higher School of Economics and Management Techniques; School of Sciences and the Medical School.

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University of Science and Technology

Rwanda universitiesThe University of Science and Technology of Togo is a private university in West Africa whose headquarters are located in Lomé, the capital of Togo. The university is an academic institution in scientific, cultural and professional vested with legal personality, educational autonomy, scientific, administrative and financial.


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