mozambique_universitiesThe Ministry of Education and Culture governs the higher education subsystem. Partly due to the establishment of the private universities, student numbers rose from below 4000 in 1990 to almost 12,000 some years ago.


Mozambique Universities

The largest and oldest university is the Eduardo Mondlane University, in Maputo, founded in 1962. Although having a national public education system, several educational programmes and initiatives in Mozambique are mainly funded and supported by the international community.

Universidade Eduardo Mondlane

Mozambique universitiessThe Eduardo Mondlane University is the oldest and largest university in Mozambique. The UEM is located in Maputo and has about 30,000 students enrolled. All students at the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane are full-time, contact students, and there are no distance or part-time students.


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Pedagogical University

Mozambique UniversitiesThe Pedagogical University (UP) is one of Mozambique’s principal universities. The main campus of the school is located in Maputo where there are over 16,000 students attending the UP system. The UP is a Mozambican public university that has the primary mission of training teachers and boards of education with higher education, providing them with scientific and pedagogical-didactic tools they need to provide high-quality education in the education sector.


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Catholic University of Mozambique

Mozambique UniversitiesThe Catholic University of Mozambique (UCM) was founded in 1996. UCM currently has six faculties in four provinces: Faculty of Economics and Management (Beira); Faculty of Law (Nampula); Faculty of Education and Communication (Nampula); Faculty of Agriculture (Cuamba); Faculty of Health Sciences (Beira); Faculty of Tourism Management and Information Technology (Pemba).


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University Lúrio

Mozambique UniversitiesThe University was established in 2006 by order of the Council of Ministers, and began the installation process in 2007. The university comprises the following faculties: Faculty of Health Sciences; Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences; Faculty of Agricultural Sciences; School of Engineering; Faculty of Natural Sciences; Faculty of Architecture and Physical Planning.


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Zambezi University

Mozambique UniversitiesThe Zambezi University (UniZambeze) is a public institution of higher education in Mozambique. The university provides courses in the areas of Civil Engineering, Process Engineering, Mechanics Engineering, Computer Science, Actuarial Science, Law, Economics, Management, Accounting and Finance. Although strategically find located in the central Mozambique region, UniZambeze identifies itself as “University in a Region”, as opposed to the concept of regional university.

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The Technical University of Mozambique

Mozambique UniversitiesThe Technical University of Mozambique is a private institution with a autonomous legal, administrative, scientific, financial and pedagogic personality. The Technical University of Mozambique –UDM came to life early 2003 and teaching is carried out in four academic areas namely: Technology Management (Industrial and environmental), Business and Administration; Law; Economics.

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Instituto Superior de Ciencias de Saude