malawi_higher_educationMalawi has thirteen higher education institutions, of which two are publicly funded. All higher education in Malawi is ultimately controlled by the University of Malawi, which was founded in 1964. Access to higher education is based on passing the Malawi Certificate of Education (MCE). A student must earn at least five credits, including English.


As a means to assist the promotion and further development of education in the country, Malawi government aims to pay severe attention to Education, Science and Technology across all universities in the region. Tertiary education includes schooling at Universities, Teacher Training Colleges and Technical Education Colleges. Formal education at all the three levels is offered by different groups including Government, Non-Governmental, and private organisations.

University of Malawi

The University of MalawiThe University of Malawi is an educational institution established in 1964 and composed of five constituent colleges located in Zomba, Blantyre, and Lilongwe. The University of Malawi strives to advance knowledge, promote wisdom and understanding and provide services by engaging in teaching and research and by facilitating the dissemination, promotion, and preservation of learning responsive to the needs of Malawi and the world.

The University of Malawi website

The Malawi University of Science and Technology

Malawi University of Science and TechnologyThe Malawi University of Science and Technology was established in 2012 and comprises three functional areas: teaching and learning area, sports area and living service area. The Malawi University of Science and Technology aims to provide a conducive environment for quality education, training, research, entrepreneurship and outreach to facilitate economic growth in Malawi and beyond.


The Malawi University of Science and Technology website

Lilongwe University of Agriculture & Natural Resources

bundaLilongwe University of Agriculture & Natural Resources aims to advance knowledge and produce relevant graduates with entrepreneurship skills for agricultural growth, food security, wealth creation and sustainable natural resources management, through teaching, training, research, outreach consultancy and sound management.

Lilongwe University of Agriculture & Natural Resources website

Exploits University

Exploits UniversityThe aim of Exploits University is to produce and distribute knowledge and preserve learning by engaging in such university education, research and consultancy services as is responsible to the needs of Malawi and the world. Exploits University aims to be a world class academic institution of higher learning providing educational programs, research, community outreach programs and consultancy services for the economic development of Malawi and beyond.

Exploits University website

Catholic University of Malawi

Catholic-University-of-MalawiThe Catholic University of Malawi is located in Montfort campus in Limbe, Malawi. Established in 2004, the university was opened in 2006, by then it composed of faculty of social science and education.


The Catholic University website

Malawi Adventist University

Malawi Adventist UniversityThe Malawi Adventist University is an affiliated University of the Seventh-day Adventist Church situated in Ntcheu District in Malawi. It offers four year degree programmes of the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton. Malawi Adventist University is a university of choice that fosters high academic and ethical standards.


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