Kenya_higher_educationThe roots of higher education in Kenya date back from 1956 with the founding of Nairobi’s Royal Technical College. Today Kenya’s higher education sector includes: – 52 public, private and constituent university college institutions; – A total student population of 251,000; – A one-year increase of 20% in newly enrolled students; – The top universities in East Africa in the area of Information and Communication Technology.


Kenyan government has made great strides in ensuring the maintenance of standards, quality and relevance in all aspects of university education, training and research. The Commission continues to mainstream quality assurance practices in university education by encouraging continuous improvement in the quality of universities and programmes.

University of Nairobi

University of NairobiThe University of Nairobi uses the ‘learning centered’ approach in its programmes. This has enabled the institution to create an environment that graduates students with well-developed intellectual skills in their field of specialisation.

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Moi University

Moi_UniversityMoi University is a Kenyan public university located in Eldoret, western Kenya and was the second university of its kind to be established. Moi University aims to preserve, create, and disseminate knowledge, conserve and develop scientific, technological and cultural heritage through quality teaching and research.


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Kenyatta University

kenyatta_universityKenyatta University, is a multi-campus public university in Kenya, the largest economy in East Africa. As of October 2011, it is one of seven public universities in the country. The Kenyatta University aims to provide quality education and training, promote scholarship, service, innovation and  creativity and inculcate moral values for sustainable individual and societal development.

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Egerton University

Egerton UniversityEgerton University is the oldest institution of higher learning in Kenya. Egerton University has 3 Campuses:

  1. The main Campus is based at Njoro and houses the Faculties of Agriculture, Arts and Social Sciences, Education and Community Studies, Engineering and Technology, Environment and Resources Development, Science and Veterinary Medicine and Surgery.
  2. The Njoro Campus also houses the Board of Undergraduate Studies and Field Attachment, and the Board of Postgraduate Studies.
  3. The 3rd Campus is the Nairobi City Campus, offering programmes from the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, Commerce, and Education and Community Studies.


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Chuka University

chuka_universityChuka University was the first institution of higher learning to be established in Eastern Province. The government’s objective of establishing the institution was to enhance education access and equity to the people in the region and Kenya at large. Chuka University comprises the following faculties:

    • Agriculture and Environmental Studies
    • Education and Resources Development
    • Business Studies
    • Arts and Humanities

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Technical University of Kenya

Technical University of KenyaThe Technical University of Kenya and its predecessor institutions has excelled in technological education and training for the last five decades. The Technical University aims to provide technological education and training and to contribute towards the advancement of society through research and innovation.

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The Technical University of Mombasa

Technical University of MombasaThe Technical University of Mombasa forms part of the list concerned with Kenya Universities – it is a public technical university located in the coastal city of Mombasa, Kenya. It is one of the National Polytechnics recently elevated to a fully fledged University in Kenya. Faculties include:

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Computing and Information Technology
  • Communication Technology
  • Building and Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
  • Medical Engineering


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Pwani University

Pwani-UniversityPwani University is a public university in the Kilifi County in Kenya. Pwani University has fostered close collaboration with local research and research oversight institutions both in Kenya and around the world. These include the Kenya Agricultural Research Institution, Kenya Medical Research Institute and the National Council for Science and Technology, and more.

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South Eastern Kenya University

South Eastern Kenya UniversitySouth Eastern Kenya University is a fully-fledged public university which has witnessed tremendous growth. Today the Kenyan university offers various certificate, diploma, undergraduate and post graduate programmes. The university has employed qualified teaching members of staff and has invested heavily in infrastructure to offer quality learning, teaching, research and innovation. The majority of the academic members of staff have at least a PhD degree.

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Mount Kenya University

Mount-Kenya-UniversityMount Kenya University is a private university committed to a broad-based, wholistic and inclusive system of education. It has an overall goal of promoting human resource development for society’s progressive good. The university has adopted several international best practices in its core functions, which has enabled its students and faculty win awards, thus stamping its authority as a centre of excellence.

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The University of Eastern Africa, Baraton

University of Eastern Africa BaratonThe University of Eastern Africa, Baraton (UEAB) is a private coeducational Seventh-day Adventist university located about 50 km from Eldoret Kenya.  The university is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. As a university, it is believed that Christian Education is one which benefits the total person by developing the mental, physical, spiritual and social faculties.

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Daystar University

Daystar UniversityDaystar University believes in equipping students holistically, and their graduates meet not only the academic demands of the working world, but are of high moral integrity. Daystar University aspires to be an institution that transforms the church and society through instilling Christian values to the students who study at Daystar University. The university offers world class education to students of various nationalities drawn from Africa, Asia and North America.

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The Catholic University of Eastern Africa

Catholic University of Eastern AfricaThe Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) was founded in 1984. The university strives to promote excellence in research, teaching and community service by preparing morally upright leaders based on the intellectual tradition of the Catholic Church. CUEA is founded on the philosophy of the Catholic Higher Education which stresses free search for the whole truth about nature, humanity and God.


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Africa Nazarene University

Africa Nazarene UniversityAfrica Nazarene University is a liberal arts university located in Ongata Rongai, Kenya affiliated with the Church of the Nazarene. It is the first Nazarene liberal arts university established outside of the United States. Africa Nazarene University seeks to provide a holistic education that develops individuals academically, spiritually, culturally and physically and equips them with excellent skills, competencies and Christian values that will enable them to go into the World well prepared.

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Kabarak University

Kabarak UniversityKabarak University is a purpose-built Christian based university on a 600-acre farm located 20 kilometres from Nakuru, Kenya. Kabarak University strives to become a Center of Academic Excellence founded on Christian values. Additionally, the university aims to provide a holistic quality education based on research, practical skills and Christian values.

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Strathmore University

strathmore-universityStrathmore University is a private university based in Nairobi, Kenya and was founded in 1961. Strathmore University is a leading university in the region, whose mission is to provide all-round quality education in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility; excellence in teaching, research and scholarship; ethical and social development; and service to society.

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Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology

Kiriri Women's University of Science and TechnologyKiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology is a non-state funded secular women’s university in Nairobi, Kenya aiming to empower women in sciences. KWUST is a women’s only university, the first of its kind in Eastern and southern Africa, 23 countries in total. Our main objective is to bridge the gap in gender representation in higher education as well as contributing to the social and economic development of the country.

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Pan Africa Christian University

Pan Africa Christian UniversityPan Africa Christian University is a Christian university in Nairobi, Kenya. The institution is a fully accredited and chartered private university, approved by the Kenyan Commission for Higher Education. At PAC University, you will find uniquely designed graduate and undergraduate programs, plus an array of supporting diploma and certificate programs.


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Great Lakes University of Kisumu

Great_Lakes_University_of_KisumuGreat Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK) is a Kenyan university and was founded in 1988. Great Lakes University of Kisumu encourages student involvement in order to ensures the necessary academic rigor while permitting flexibility and responsiveness required in producing graduates that are problem solvers and job creators.


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Gretsa University

Gretsa UniversityGretsa University has positioned itself well to play its expected role in the world of reputable institutions of higher learning. The university offers academic programmes that integrate academic study with challenges of the real-world workplace. Their curricula seeks to produce graduates who are well informed, open minded, intellectually curious and flexible in their approach to new information and intellectual challenges.

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Riara University

Riara UniversityRiara University is the latest innovation in higher education in Kenya. With its ultra-modern physical infrastructure and state-of-the-art ICT facilities, together with the development of its academic programmes, Riara University is a great success in the field of education within the Eastern & Central African region and beyond.

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Kenya Methodist University

Kenya Methodist UniversityThe Kenya Methodist University is a Chartered private University founded by the Methodist Church in Kenya. It is situated within woodland on the North Eastern slopes of Mount Kenya. The University’s philosophy is to foster the intellectual, spiritual and physical development of the wholesome individual in order to recognize and utilize the available opportunities for enhancement of human development.


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The Presbyterian University of East AfricaThe Presbyterian University of East Africa (PUEA) is an institution of higher education in Kenya. PUEA offers Certificate, Diploma, and Degree programmes in Computer Science; Theology; Business Administration; Education;Health Sciences; Hotel and Tourism; and Communication. It also offers the Master of Business Administration  postgraduate degree.

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