chad_universitiesHigher education is provided at the University of N’Djamena.

Université de N'djamena

Chad_UniversitiesThe University of N’Djamena is the leading institution of higher education in Chad. It was created in 1971 as the University of Chad, and was renamed to “University of N’Djamena” in 1994. The university serves 6,000 students and is a full member of the International Association University – a sure sign of its international recognition and of its commitment to become a respected center of expertise in the field of Sustainable Development.

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Chad_UniversitiesThe University campus spans 3,000 acres and contains several faculties such as:

  • Humanities, Languages ​​, Arts and Communication
  • Humanities and Social Sciences, Law and Political Sciences
  • Economics and Management.
  • A Campus and University Dining
  • Offices and Homes for Teachers
  • a health center , a sports complex and a police station.

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