Cape Verde Universities & Higher Education

Cape Verde universitiesDuring the last decades, Portugal and Cape Verde, experienced a significant evolution in higher education. Under the influence of transnational and supranational entities were introduced reforms in the education system concerning Cape Verde universities, mainly in higher education, emerging new curricular proposals and new methods for the promotion and quality assessment.


Cape Verde Universities Outlook

In an international context, Cape Verde is not immune to the pressures related to the imposition of standards of the educational policies, aiming the standardization of both education and curriculum. As such, reforms were introduced in higher education, under the influence of globalization policies and the European agenda, through the strong relationships it has with Portugal. Consequently, Cape Verde has as reference the Portuguese education system.

University of Cape Verde

Cape Verde universitiesThe University of Cape Verde is a Cape Verdean university and was formed in 2006. The university offers 32 bachelor’s degrees, 18 master’s degrees, 13 associate’s (technical) degrees, and one doctorate degree. It also plans to offer the first medical degree in the country in the short term.

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Instituto Superior de Ciências Económicas e Empresariais

Cape Verde universities 2The history of higher education in Cape Verde , is indelibly marked by ISCEE – Higher Institute of Economics and Business , as the first initiative of private higher education in the country.

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Universidade Lusófona De Cabo Verde

Cape Verde universities 2The Lusophone group is currently the largest Portuguese language teaching group. Created around the educational project of the Lusophone University of Humanities and Technology, this group is currently responsible for the management of higher education institutions and non-superior in Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Angola and Cape Verde.

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