Higher education in CameroonCameroon’s higher education has been a success since independence, with thousands of its graduates mostly consumed by the national public service.There are eight state-run universities in Buea, Bamenda, Douala, Yaounde I & II, Dschang, Maroua and Ngaoundere. Cameroon’s tertiary education is made up of thriving private universities such as the Bamenda University of Science and Technology (BUST), International University, Bamenda and the Fotso Victor University in the west province.

Universities in Cameroon

University of Buea

Angola_universitiesUniversity of Buea or Université de Buea is located in Buea in South West Cameroon and is one of the two English speaking universities in the country. The university is made up of seven faculties (Engineering, Arts, Education, Health Sciences, Science, and Social and Management Sciences, Agriculture and Veterinary medicine.

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University of Bamenda

Angola_universitiesThe University of BAMENDA was created in 2010 to achieve the goals attributed to all the state Universities. The mission of the university is to equip students with universal knowledge in the arts, sciences and technology.  Departments and programs include the following subjects:

  • Chemistry
  • Biological sciences
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences

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University of Dschang

Angola_universitiesThe University was created in 1933 and is located in Dschang, Cameroon.

Its mission beyond the traditional teaching, research and development support missions is to contribute to the development and promotion of an efficient and dynamic Cameroonian and African agriculture.

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University of Douala

Angola_universitiesWith about 40,000 students and hundreds of administrative staff the university is one of the largest universities in Cameroon. The eleven institutions of the University are:

  • The Higher School of Economics and Commercial Sciences
  • Ecole Normale Supérieure of Technical Education
  • The Faculty of Industrial Engineering
  • The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • The University Institute of Technology
  • The Institute of Fine Arts
  • L’Institut des Sciences Halieutiques
  • The Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • The Faculty of Law and Political Science
  • The Faculty of Science
  • The Faculty of Applied Economics and Management

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University of Ngaoundéré

cameroon_universityUniversity of Ngaoundéré or Université de Ngaoundéré is located in the region Ngaoundéré of Cameroon and was founded in 1982. The University of Ngaoundere is among one of the top higher education institutions in Cameroon.

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University of Yaoundé

cameroon_universityThe University of Yaoundé is a leading university in Cameroon, located in Yaoundé. It was built with the help of France and opened in 1962 as the Federal University of Yaoundé, dropping the “Federal” in 1972 when the country was reorganized.

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Saint Monica University

cameroon_universitySaint Monica University (SMU) was founded with the goal of advancing the professional and personal ambitions of its students by providing a demanding, yet supportive Christian educational experience.

With the use of cutting edge technologies, SMU delivers some of the best career-focused programs to students across the globe. SMU has affiliations with local and international universities and other institutions.

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Saint Louis University

African_universitiesSt Louis is grounded in professional education. The private university teaches and trains youth to become usesul and productive as nation builders. St Louis believes that proper grounding in theory and practical work are essential for the new Cameroonian of today.

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American Institute of Cameroon

cameroon_universityAmerican Institute of Cameroon is a values-based community institution providing professional and liberal arts undergraduate and graduate education to prepare students for service and contribution to their immediate community and the global community.

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International University

Cameroon_UniversitiesEstablished in 1990, the University was approved and linked to many international universities for work and studies. The University has sustained itself financially and academically since inception, and it has been graduating students since 1998 including doctoral graduates who serve as Teachers, Engineers, Agriculturist, Lawyers, Bankers, Business Managers, Inspectors of Education, Chiefs of Services, Delegates of Education, University lecturers etc.

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Université des Montagnes

Universities in CameroonThis is the first private university in Cameroon to offer full cycle training in the field of Health Sciences and the first to have opened for short training courses in Pharmacy, Dental Surgery and Biomedical Maintenance. With 8 channels of training in Health Sciences ( Human Medicine , Pharmacy , Veterinary Medicine , Dental Surgery , Medical-Sanitary Science ) and Science & Technology ,Université des Montagnes offers diversity of choice for the training of high level professionals and leaders of tomorrow.

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Cameroon Petrochemical Engineering Academy

Universities in CameroonThe Cameroon Petrochemical Engineering (CPE) Academy is a professional Academy of Petroleum Engineering created to prepare students in the petroleum engineering sector through practical professional training programs.

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The ICT University

cameroon_universityThe ICT University of Cameroon represents a diverse academic portfolio with rich teaching and research credentials that are highly experienced, knowledgeable and have a proven track record of mentoring students from different socioeconomic and cultural settings. Programs include bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees as well as Diploma and Certificates in health information technology, telemedicine, ICT education and e-commerce.

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Université Adventiste Cosendai

Cameroon_universitiesThe Cosendai Adventist University, also known as the Université Adventiste Cosendai is a private Christian university belonging to the Seventh-day Adventist. The Cosendai Adventist University strives in following their motto: Knowledge, duty, virtue.

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Catholic University of Cameroon

cameroon_universitiesThe Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC) was founded in the name of the Catholic Church by the bishops of the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda as a national institution of learning. Given its origins, this university has a responsibility to the Church in Cameroon – to be an intellectual center of highest quality.

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The Catholic University Institute of Buea

CUIBThe Catholic University Institute of Buea, is an entrepreneurial university, which opened its doors to students in September 2010, and aims at not only training professionals, but also professional with spiritual and moral values.

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