Burkina Faso Universities & Higher Education

Burkina Faso universitiesWhen it comes to Burkina Faso universities and it’s higher education system, education has always been given according to the educational system inherited from France. There are three institutions of higher learning in Burkina Faso, namely the Polytechnic University of Bobo-Dioulasso, the Teachers Training College of Koudougou, and the University of Ouagadougou.


Burkina Faso Universities

As of 2010 there were three main public universities in Burkina Faso: The Polytechnic University of Bobo-Dioulasso, the University of Koudougou and the University of Ouagadougou. The first private higher education school was established in 1992.

Polytechnic University of Bobo-Dioulasso

Burkina Faso universitiesEstablished at the beginning of the 1995-96 academic year in the second largest city known as the economic capital city of the country, the Polytechnic University of Bobo-Dioulasso is composed of three teaching units- 1: The University Institute of Technology which trains students in Business Administration and Secretarial Work; 2: The Institute for Rural Development which is a college of Agriculture, Forestry, and Environmental Studies;  3: The Higher School of Computer Sciences which provides a study program for computer software and hardware technicians.

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University of Ouagadougou

Burkina Faso universitiesCreated in 1974, the University of Ouagadougou is currently composed of five teaching units: the Faculty of Languages, Letters, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences;  the Faculty of Science and Technology; the Faculty of Economics and Management;  the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences; the Faculty of Health Care Sciences.


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University of Koudougou

arton53940Founded in 2005, the University of Koudougou is one of three public universities in Burkina Faso and had the second highest enrollment of students nationally behind the University of Ouagadougou which had 83% of the national total enrollment.

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Université Libre du Burkina

Burkina Faso universitiesAs the first professional private university in Burkina Faso, Université Libre du Burkina  has missions that define and characterize quality teaching nationally and internationally. The pursuit of excellence is the workhorse of the Université Libre du Burkina.

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