benin_universitiesBenin government and education ministry has been putting more focus on strengthening higher education across the board and as a result we see Benin universities further develop and grow. Objectives include assessing the formulation, implementation and effectiveness of higher education policy.



Benin Universities

The Benin government spends more money on education than defense and has cultivated an active intellectual community. There has been a rapid increase in the number of public and private institutions at all levels. As technological development in Benin has generated a growing need for specialised skills, private institutions are filling the gap and are becoming a major feature of the education system, representing about 20% of enrollments in higher education in the country.

St Louis African University

Benin universitiesThe vision of St Louis African University is to serve as a world class institution that would reposition Africa through academic means. St Louis African University was established out of the desire of the intellectuals to advance the course of research and learning in Benin.


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African University of Technology and Management

 Benin universitiesThe African University of Technology and Management (UATM) was created in 1992. Faculties include: The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences; The Faculty of Law and Political Sciences Law; The Faculty of Economics and Management; The Faculty of Science and Technology.


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