Angolan Universities & Higher Education

Angolan_UniversitiesIn order to increase domestic and international competitiveness of Angola and its people, the country’s higher education sector calls for a quality increase regarding the standards of Angolan universities and colleges. During the 21st century, Angola saw the wake of political liberalization and this is when private Angolan universities began increasing, most of which were linked to universities in Portugal.

Universidade Lueji Nkonde


The University Lueji A’Nkonde (ULAN) is a public multi-campus university headquartered in the city of Dundo, Angola.


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Universidade Kimpa Vita (UNIKIVI)

Angola_universityUniversidade Kimpa Vita is a public Angolan university headquartered in Uige and offers the following types of courses:

  • Nursing
  • Accounting and Management
  • Computer Engineering
  • Public Administration
  • Accounting and Management
  • IT Management

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Instituto Superior de Relaçoes Internaciois

aThe Institute of Social Sciences and International Relations is a public educational institution suited for Higher Education in Angola for Scientific Research & extension projects.

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Universidade 11 de Novembro

Universidade 11 De NovembroThe public Angolan university, University November 11, provides an Institutional Development Plan (IDP) structuring and expansion into four zones of Education and Research. The areas of expertise are:

  • Science education: biology, physics, mathematics, psychology, pedagogy, chemistry; education, English language teaching.
  • Economics: Macroeconomics;
  • Science management: business management, accounting, finance, audit;
  • Legal and civil sciences.
  • Health sciences: nursing, clinical psychology, medicine.


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Universidade Katyavala Bwila

Angola_Universities The primary scope of the Universidade Katyavala Bwila (FMUKB) is the teaching of medicine at the undergraduate level (Bachelor in Medicine) with the following objectives and goals: “Comprehensive training of senior doctors who go against the problems and population health needs, the development of critical judgment of scientific thought and ethical behavior in all its procedures, in accordance with the contemporary trends of higher medical education.”

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Agostinho Neto University

The UAN guarantees freedom of scientific, cultural and technological creation, in a perspective of respect and promotion of the human person, the community and the environment.

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University Jose Eduardo Dos Santos

Angola_universitiesThe University Jose Eduardo Dos Santos is a newly established public university in Angola, growing on the exchange of ideas and actions and permanent collaboration in order to achieve national, regional and international projection that we propose.

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Technical Institute of Angola

Angola_universitiesThe Technical University of Angola opened in 2006 and since then has had a great contribution in human resource training SAA in the country. Guaranteed quality education, the ISTA has sufficient resources to staff training in various technical areas and other.

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Catholic University of Angola

Angolan_universitiesThe Catholic University of Angola (UCAN) is a private university based in Luanda. O logotipo da UCAN procura ligar a ideia clássica da Universidade, enquanto comunidade de mestres e estudantes a procura do saber e da ciência em livre comunicação de ideias e enquanto lugar de busca do conhecimento, com a cultura tradicional angolana.


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Gregório Semedo University

Angolan_universitiesThe University Gregorio Semedo (UGS) is a private institution of higher education, legally entitled by Intellects, Training and Management Ltd, an Angolan company based in Luanda with the main focus being on education and training in various fields.

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Methodist University of Angola

Angolan_universitiesThe university plans to invest in new technologies for power generation. The Methodist University is developing this innovative pilot project in Angola in order to provide independence energy and ensure a permanent and autonomous operation of the three lifts in the main building of the university in Luanda.

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Universidade Lusófona

Angola_universitiesUniversidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias is the largest non-public University in Portugal. The university assumes itself as the leading institution responsible for the development of this geographical and cultural space with more than 200 million inhabitants. The University campus is situated in the centre of Lisbon city, the capital of Portugal. Universidade Lusófona is an equal opportunities university currently with a student body of more than 11.000 students and 1500 teachers.

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Universidade Metropolitana

Angola_universitiesUniversidade Metropolitana strives to successfully train competent professionals committed to the noble human values.


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Belas Artes University

Angola_universitiesThe University Center Fine Arts of is a Brazilian  institution of higher education in Angola offering undergraduate, graduate, free courses and distance education in the areas of Architecture and Urban Design, Visual Arts, Communication, Design and International Relations.

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Universidade Mandume Ya Ndemufayo

Angola_universitiesThe University Mandume ya Ndemufayo is a legal entity of public law, with legal personality and scientific, pedagogical, administrative, financial and patrimonial autonomy disciplinary ward of the Angolan Government through the Ministry of Higher Education.

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