Algerian universitiesThe Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Algeria is the government ministry that is responsible for determining the policies and direction of the higher educational system in Algeria.


Algerian Universities

Significant new reforms are on the horizon for Algeria’s universities. Efforts are being made to ratchet up public funding and raise standards. The Algerian government is adopting an advantageous policy in terms of higher education by encouraging scientific research aimed at the acquisition of the latest knowledge and developing competence in related techniques.

The University Gregorio Semedo

Universidade Gregório SemedoThe University Gregorio Semedo – UGS is a private institution of higher education, legally entitled by Intellectus, – Training and Management Ltd, Angolan company based in Luanda, that its purpose is education, education and training in their. various fields. the University Gregorio Semedo praises successive years of great efforts, of enormous personal dedication of all its members and high investments that have come and find them the necessary stimulus for, more determined than ever to embrace new challenges.

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Independent University of Angola

Universidade Independente de AngolaThe Independent University of Angola excels in demand and the accuracy, motivating students to give the best of themselves, instilling in them ambition, developing them their potential and leading them to discover new capabilities.

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Methodist University of Angola

Methodist University of AngolaThe Methodist University of Angola is a private establishment of university education , under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and Technology. The statutes of the Methodist University of Angola are the subject of adaptation to the regulatory general rules of the higher education subsystem.


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The Technical University of Angola

The Technical University of AngolaThe Technical University of Angola is a higher education university in Luanda, Angola. It was founded in 2007.

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Private University of Angola

Private University of AngolaThe Private University of Angola , hereinafter referred UPRA is legal person of private law , with legal personality , specifically for University Education in all fields of knowledge , scientific research, graduate , university extension and the provision of services. The UPRA have on your licensed faculty , teachers and qualified doctors in several areas of knowledge.


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Agostinho Neto University

Agostinho Neto UniversityThe Agostinho Neto University is a public Angolan university based in the capital, Luanda. Until 2009, it had campuses in all major Angolan cities. The UAN guarantees freedom of scientific, cultural and technological creation, in a perspective of respect and promotion of the human person, the community and the environment.


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Oscar Ribas University

oscar uniThe Oscar Ribas University, abbreviated as UOR, is a private institution of higher education, part of the National System of Education in the Republic of current Angola.

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